Fixing The Fangs


Look, i get it, you’re a hard working lad and sometimes the ol’ dental hygiene falls to the wayside. You brush twice a day, swish around some listerine every once and a while and you’ve got floss in the cupboard but you don’t actually know how to use it.

Well we teamed up with Supreme Dental Concepts to make sure you’re looking after those pearly whites - afterall you’re gonna want to be able to chew through a steak when you’re 60 right? Right.

Supreme Dental Concepts came to the party and have offered a free checkup and teeth whitening and if that sounds like something you’re into you can enter below. It’s that easy. These guys do anything from for comestic and general dental work. Plus if you’re into it, they’ll also be kicking off Botox in the coming weeks.

Supreme Dental Concepts..  Feel good…..Imagine Change