Maleme Street Pub on the first weekend of summer.

No back yard or mates for Crate Day?

We'll suss you out at Maleme Street Pub this weeked, 40 Maleme St, with the orphans Crate Day.

We’ve sorted a sweet place to relax, a Barbie and some backyard activities … so come join us!

Also - text TGA with your deets through to 3520, and go in to win an exclusive special area for you and 9 mates -  plus we’ll sort you an entertainment voucher for the day to take care of some of the bill.
So be there… with  The Rock Girls, Free stuff and more at our Crate Day Orphans party - at Maleme Street Pub, 40 Maleme Street. Saturday December 3 with Tauranga's 94.2 The Rock