The Ultimate Stag Do!


The Rock's Ultimate Stag Do is giving you the chance to WIN A STAG DO WITHOUT THE COMMITMENT! 

We're giving you a day and night out with 7 of your closest mates with a Stag Do twist!!! The day will start with some hotlap time trials around the Beachlands Speedway Circuit followed by a game of Beer-a-hole Golf... Because who doesn't love that! Hunger will start to set in after Golf so you'll then head to Lone Star Dunedin for a delicious meal and beverages followed by a trip to Stiletto's, because what kind of Stag Do would it be without some girls!?

Txt the keyword 'Stags' with YOUR NAME to 3520 to be in the draw to WIN! It's a simple text and you could be winning a free Stag Do party with The Rock

This is all thanks to our supporting business':