The Auckland Rock Roadies Powered by Demon Energy

The Rock Roadies are hitting the streets of Auckland each week with Rock utes filled with Demon Energy! Listen out for where they'll be each day to be into win!


Demon Energy is The Worlds Biggest, Baddest Energy Drink.
Basically, we were sick of the mambe pambe girlie energy drinks that leave you feeling ripped off, so Demon Energy was created to give you a massive hit of energy in a man’s size 500ml Mega Hit - We live the Demon lifestyle - join us and rock this country.
You only live once, so live it with no regrets.
Demon Energy ... No Limits !!!

Hellfire is one Hell of a flavour. It is full of hard hitting energy to ensure you are ready for a hell of a good time.

Some consumers like following the crowd and some want to be more badass. Demon appeals to the consumer segment who want to be different - tattoos and body piercing, hot chicks that you wouldn’t bring home to meet the parents, ear-splitting rock music, drifting and boy-racers – that’s the Demon Disciple. They’re different and their loyal. And now there’s a Zero Sugar version for them.

Hot Ginger is a spicy mix of vigorous ginger and Demon flavours that will leave your taste buds tingling. Try our new 500ml mega hit, Hot Ginger today!

Demon Original 500ml has been formulated by cutting edge pharmacologists in an effort to unleash the biggest, baddest energy hit on the planet.
With the maximum amount of Taurine and Caffeine that the fun police will allow, combined with the grunt power of Guarana, Demon Energy is the perfect ammunition for your wild and crazy lifestyle... Get amongst it!

Demon Desire 500ML
The newest addition to the Demon family, Original Demon energy with a tangy apple twist, the flavour your taste buds Desire.