The Rock Roadies Driven By Hundy

The Rock Canterbury are always looking out for our mates, so naturally we want to look after you by sorting you out with exactly what you need after a night out...

That's why Hundy is the driving force behind our Canterbury Rock Roadies.
Big nights don't have to mean bad mornings. Hundy, here for you when out becomes “out out”!

Hundys active ingredients support the body's recovery and liver's natural detoxification process by removing toxic by-products (caused by food and drink) - which is the main reason you feel bad after a night out.

The Rock Roadies are cruising the streets of Canterbury driven by our mates at Hundy.

We're all over the show at the best gigs, the biggest sports event, sorting you with freebies and of course free Hundy! Ask us about Hundy next time you see us in your neck of the woods.

Remember to take yours before you go to bed and wake up feeling closer to Hundy in the morning.