Wing It Weekend


Cheers to our mates at Empire Chicken, The Rock has an extra $500 cash, plus $200 worth of Empire Chicken bucks up for grabs so you can wing your own weekend!

What would you spend it on? Sky diving? The local watering hole?

Text the keyword WING and what you’d spend it on to 3520 to be in to win!

All in celebration of their clucking good Chicken wings range In three epic flavours from original, hot and super hot - there's a wing for everyone!

Plus listen out for The Rock Roadies on Sunday the 25th October and November 1st and catch up with them to score an Empire Chicken Wing voucher to try them for yourself.

Because everyone needs Empire Chicken wings in their weekend.

Wing It Weekends, all cheers to our mates at Empire Chicken, visit them at 96 Oxford Terrace and try the best Wings in town.