Villainy Vs Beastwars VS The Prize Safe


Villainy and Beastwars are going head to head at Butlers Reef, and you and 10 other lucky listeners will be getting double passes to go along!* Or you would be, if we hadn’t locked them the prize safe and quickly forgot the code.

Admittedly it was a bad move to change the Prize Safe’s code on a friday arvo, but it’s the situation we’re in now.

The Rock Roadies will be out on the street each day trying to get it open, so listen out for where they will be. The good news is that everyone who attempts will go in the draw for a double pass to Villainy VS Beastwars this January! But if you are the one to get it open, mate we’ll slap you a double pass right then and there!

If you want to get in the draw now you can hit us up on the text machine, text 3520 with keyword “CODE” and what you want to guess. 

Its a four digit code so don’t go guessing anything too long. Maybe it was something Villainy or Beastwars related? Something to do with the gig at Butlers Reef, January 2nd? Ah who remembers the details.

Crack the code, unlock the safe, and go along to Villainy Vs Beastwars, thanks to Eccles Entertainment and Taranaki’s 95.6, The Rock