The Rock's Monday Kickstarter

We agree with you! Monday’s are never the best day of the week, but we’re teaming up with Breen Plumbing to give you the best kickstart to the week with a fresh shout of Pizzas to enjoy for lunch!

That means you can start the day with more sleep because we already have your lunch covered!

Enter now! For your chance to WIN the Monday Kickstarter just text the keyword ‘MONDAY’ with your workplace name to 3520 for your chance to win each week!

The winner is drawn every Friday and if you are that weeks winner, we'll turn up to your workplace on the Monday at 12pm with fresh hot pizzas to go around!

The Monday Kickstarter, thanks to Breen Plumbing! Your local plumbing, gas fitting, drain laying, roofing and home heating specialists!

Check them out: