A new trailer for Lord of the Rings  show ‘The Rings of Power’ dropped and people are pissed
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A new trailer for Lord of the Rings show ‘The Rings of Power’ dropped and people are not happy

"It just feels like nothing."

Lord of the Rings fans are piping up about the latest trailer for the new TV show that is set as a prequel to the legendary films and books by Peter Jackson and J.R.R Tolkien, respectively. 

The official trailer for the series dropped today, (there's been several other trailers, but the latest one is the 'official' one) with the first two episodes set to be released on Amazon Prime on September 2. Check it out below.

Reactions to the new trailer are mixed. Some people are calling it ‘generic’ and are completely dismissing any possibility that the show will be good, while others are impressed with the visuals and are hyped for the show, such is the beauty of the internet. 

One Redditor said that the trailers lack feeling and they just can’t get themselves pumped up for it. 

“I’m sorry guys I just can’t get excited for this series as much as I really want to,” they said. “There’s no emotions to anything I’ve seen so far. The acting looks terrible as well.”

Another person on the site was just as brutal, saying it’s all bling but there’s no substance to it. 

“It all just feels like nothing,” they commented. 

“This is certainly all personal bias, but it elicits no emotion from me. Not intrigue, not disdain, nothing.”

“It’s just an expensive thing that’s happening on the screen. More shit to put in your eyeholes.”

We’re gonna hold off any judgement until the show comes out, but that commenter did get one thing right, it is fucking expensive. With a (reported) budget of US$465million (NZ$748million) it is the most expensive show of all time. 

As mentioned before, some people think all that money has paid off, praising the trailer and show for the way it looks. 

People are calling the show “visually beautiful” and saying the hate on the show is ‘forced’. 

We’ll no doubt give it a watch when it comes out, and if it's shit, who cares? If it's pretty good, then great!