Which region has the lowest gas prices in NZ, and who is getting stung at the station
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Which region has the lowest gas prices in NZ, and who is getting stung at the station

Some Kiwis could save up to a whopping $348 per year.

Ahh, petrol prices, the death of our wallets. The slightest increase can cause mass panic and we are prepared to fork out a fortune to get from point A to B, but where in New Zealand is getting the most bang for their buck and who is being let down at the pump?

According to the Commerce Commission’s new fuel monitoring report, it’s bad luck for the capital, with Wellington reported to be paying the most for fuel in the country - ouch.

Not far behind are Porirua and Lower Hutt, joining Wellington in paying the most for pumping 91, premium and diesel into their vehicles.

Auckland, may not have the cheapest prices either, but locals should keep an eye on their local petrol stations because the report showed up to a whopping 31-cent difference per litre around the country's largest city.

Commission Chair, John Small said: “There may be a 20-30 cent difference in what you pay at one station compared with another down the road, and that’s a discount worth having – it all adds up.”

The commission believes Aucklanders could save around $264 for 91 and up to $348 for premium per year.

I think your wallet may thank you for taking the time to compare the prices.

"If consumers more actively shop around, competition is likely to increase amongst suppliers to help drive down prices,” said Small on what it’s worth checking for the lowest pricing in your area.

He also said the fuel price comparison app, Gaspy, could help customers to find the cheapest fuel closest to them.

When it comes to who gets the most bang for their buck Christchurch and Tauranga are in luck.

Both regions are reported to have the lowest average fuel prices in NZ, with Christchurch showing the lowest average overall and Tauranga having the lowest Diesel prices in the country.

So, there you have it. I know I’ll be checking where I can the best deal from now on, how about you?!