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Limp Bizkit brings Ed Sheeran onstage for ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ performance at festival

“Fred Sheeran doing the Blue Eyes thing.”

Limp Bizkit brought Ed Sheeran out on stage over the weekend, to perform Bizkit’s classic cover of The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ - something we absolutely didn’t have on our 2024 bingo card.

Fred Durst and co. were performing at the Netherland’s Pinkpop festival over the weekend, while Sheeran was headlining the bill later in the day. Fan-shot-footage shows Sheeran sharing the stage with the band, side by side with Durst, having a good ol’ time singing the classic cover. His pop vocals worked well with the song.

It seems that Ed Sheeran is side-questing into the rock and metal world at the moment. At the end of last year, the pop star joined The Darkness onstage at their London show, and last month, he joined The Offspring for a performance of ‘Million Miles Away’ - which Sheeran called a “childhood dream.”

Following the Limp Bizkit x Ed Sheeran performance, Durst shared a couple photos of the two, with the caption “Fred Sheeran doing the Blue Eyes thing.” 

And hey, whether you love or hate Ed Sheeran - I reckon it’s always interesting to see artists crossover into genres you wouldn’t usually see them in. 

Not into it? Hey, also fair. 

Check out some footage up top.