Shaun Johnson shares 'savage' comments from Warriors fans, warns against 'spewing negativity'
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Shaun Johnson shares 'savage' comments from Warriors fans, warns against 'spewing negativity'

“Think before you type.”

New Zealand Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson has had enough of the "savages" in his comment section, after copping a load of negativity for his gameplay in recent weeks.

After enduring an Achilles injury that’s set to take him out of the game for four weeks, Shaun jumped on Instagram to call out the keyboard warriors having a go. 

“Better turn these comments off bruz 😅” and “Shaun Shortball Johnson” were just some of the comments spotted on recent posts by Shaun himself and the Wahs' social account. 

“Just like you, I see the comments and damn some of you are savage,” Shaun began. “If you’re one of those who find comfort in slamming others online, I hope everything is ok.”

“Your words don’t carry weight this time around, but they could for the next person you choose to spew your negativity on.”


Not wanting to dwell on the down buzz, Shaun also gave a shout-out to the legends who've had his back. 

“To those who have checked in or sent a message I appreciate you,” he said. “Perspective is key, I’m at a stage where 80 min doesn’t define me like it once did. Still, get to live a pretty cool life with the best people in it.”

“Short ball Johnson won't be on the field for a bit,” he joked. “I’m frustrated but will be doing everything to get back to the level I know I can.”

This isn't the first time sports fans have been called out for their nasty comments. 

Last year, Super Rugby 2023 final ref Ben O'Keeffe shared the disgusting abuse and death threats he cops for doing his job.

Nast comments and messages included threats to beat him up, stab him, and some just blatant death threats.

Ben, who also shared screenshots of the abuse, said he had grown used to this kind of communication - just like Shaun - but in no way does this make it okay.

How many times does the receiving end have to tell others to knock off the negativity? As Sean's just reminded us, not everyone can carry the weight some of those nasty words hold.