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Watch: The trailer for the new Gladiator II movie features sharks, rhinos and a Kanye West song

Plus Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal.

Fans have been waiting to sink their teeth into the upcoming Gladiator II movie - and now, we finally have our first look at it.

*If you haven’t seen the first film (where have you been?) - there are spoilers ahead* 

The upcoming sequel features a new main character, Lucius, played by Normal People’s Paul Mescal, after Russell Crowe’s character Maximus died at the end of the last film.

The film will be set 20 years after the original movie, and will follow Lucius “as he attempts to return the glory of Rome to its people,” an official synopsis tells us. 

Denzel Washington will join Mescal in the film, playing a former slave looking for revenge on those who have wronged him, while Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn and May Calamawy also feature in the star-studded cast. 

Russell Crowe, whose character obviously won’t feature in the new film, has mixed feelings about the sequel. 

Speaking to Kyle Meredith, he said, "I’m slightly uncomfortable with the fact they’re making another one — because, of course, I’m dead and I have no say in what gets done.

"But a couple of the things I’ve heard I’m like ‘No, no, no, that’s not in the moral journey of that particular character’. But I can’t say anything, it’s not my place, I’m six foot under. So we’ll see what that is like."

A bunch of fans also have mixed feelings after watching the trailer - with a lot of people disliking the choice of soundtrack, and overall feeling like what they’ve seen so far has missed the mark. 

“Ridley, my guy, just cause you can churn out a movie nearly every year, really doesn’t mean you should,” wrote one person.

“A movie that never ever needed a sequel,” another commented. 

But there’s still a bunch of people out there who are hyped for the film, with one person tweeting: "Looks incredible. Was on the fence of them creating a second but I think it’s in great hands after watching the trailer. I am entertained!"

Despite all the mixed feelings, we reckon it looks like it’s gonna be pretty epic to be honest. We’re excited to check it out. 

Guess we’ll find out when the movie drops in theatres November 22 - check out the trailer up top and decide for yourself.