Decades - If It Kills Me

Pics 17/11/2016
Making a mark earlier this year with their single ‘Terrified’ and a tour with local rock stalwarts Villainy, Decades have launched their new single ‘If It Kills Me’.

The song came together in the confined space of Studios in the City, produced by rock wizard Tom Larkin (Shihad). ‘If It Kills Me’ is a song about determination for vindication in the face of adversity from a loved one. Singer Emma Cameron sees the track as a mantra for anyone who has ever been told they are incapable of achieving their dreams.

“It was written out of frustration with someone close to me, who was meant to lift me up, but crushed any hopes that I had; and how I found the strength within myself to say, ‘I will not only achieve this, I will do it better than you even could have imagined.’” says Emma.