Jono and Ben leave The Rock, Thane Kirby joins Dunc for new 2017 drive show

Pics 30/11/2016

After two and a half years of laughs, idiocy and some questionable life decisions, it's time for our old mates Jono and Ben to hang up their plaid shirts, retire from headbanging (not that Jono had the hair for it, anyway) and say goodbye to The Rock.

The bad news for Bryce is that the boys are off to join his wife Sharyn on The Edge afternoon show.

Here's what the boys had to say about the move:

Ben: "Jono has been at The Rock so long he didn't realise there were other radio stations."

Jono: "We sailed a bouncy castle across lake Taupo, a banana boat across Cook Strait and sold our souls on cans of energy drinks at The Rock. I can't wait to see what shameless radio promotions lie ahead at The Edge with Sharyn."

The good news is that Director Dunc the GC is sticking around. He'll be joined by maddog Thane Kirby (formerly of George FM) for an all-out, no-holds-barred afternoon show from 2017 onwards. 

"This is the best decision The Rock has made in years," Thane reckons. "I'm trading in my vodka lime 'n sodas for bourbon and coke... I'm stoked to be part of an award winning radio station and will dedicate the remainder of my brain cells to hanging out on-air with like minded blokes across the country."

Also joining The Rock line-up for 2017 is Andrew Mulligan, who will be returning to The Morning Rumble as former newbie Tom Furniss heads overseas to be with his girlfriend. 

Cheers, Jono and Ben. A huge thanks to Jono for over 15 years of service at The Rock. It's been a hell of a ride. Jono you're a bloody legend and we couldn't have asked for a better bloke to have as part of The Rock family. Good thing is The Edge is only 20m away from our studio so we'll still see that big, bald disgusting head of yours every day.

Check out some of their best moments at The Rock in the gallery above.