Beauden Barrett, Julian + Ardie Savea have a yarn about what it's like being an All Black

Pics 14/12/2016

Beauden Barrett and the Savea bros sat down for some quality banter with The Players Tribune recently, yarning about playing rugby with their siblings, growing up wanting to be an All Black, and going into "Beast Mode".

On watching the games as kids:

Beauden: The thing is, when you’re a kid in New Zealand, at least when we were kids, rugby was everything. One of my earliest memories is sitting in front of the TV with my dad watching the All Blacks do the haka before the match, and I stood up in front of the TV and crouched down to mimic what they were doing. My arms were flying around, I was chanting. It was like the guys on TV were comic book heroes or something.

Ardie:  Mate, you were lucky. We couldn’t afford the Sky Sports package. Me and Jules would watch the game down at the club with Dad.

Julian:  Hahahah, for real. He would take us down to the club with him when we were like five years old. We’d sit at the bar and eat peanuts during the rugby.

Chatting about the NZ community:

Julian:  When you’re a Kiwi, rugby is everything. I think it’s a little bit different than almost anywhere else in the world in that respect. It’s really a part of the culture. For us, it started at the lodge of my dad’s rugby club. The lodge is kind of like a clubhouse where all the parents and all the kids go on Sundays. After the match, you eat and drink and talk for the whole day. All your aunties and uncles are there. It’s not just about rugby, it’s kind of like a community thing.

Going into"Beast Mode":  

Ardie: Beast Mode! Actually, when I’m driving to the game and I’ve got my music full blast, that’s when I’m in 100% Beast Mode.

Julian: My Beast Mode moment is the minute just before we run out of the tunnel. That’s when I really feel it. But when I’m on the field, there’s a moment in almost every game that I love. For my position, which I guess is kind of like a running back, the beauty of it is that moment when I’m running down the wing in space, and I see a little passing lane open up, and I can sense that my teammate is about to chuck me the ball. Ah, man, that’s the best.

Check out the full interview here.