YouTube star Casey Neistat claims first human-flying drone ride

Vids 23/12/2016

American YouTube superstar Casey Neistat has once again gained the attention of the world by claiming to be the first person to be carried by a drone.

In his video, Human Flying Drone, which has been viewed more than four million times in 24 hours, he appears to be pulled around by a large drone whilst snowboarding.

He dubs it the "world's largest homemade drone" in a follow-up video explaining the construction of the flying beast.

"[It] is a 16-motor hexadecacopter, it has 16 31-inch carbon fibre propellers, powered by 16 independent motors.

Mr Neistat estimates the drone can carry more than 165kg at full throttle.

"It has enough power to power an average American home for nearly 40 straight hours," he says.

The video has copped backlash though, with some claiming it could be fake because it looks like he has a hidden harness on which could be attached to a helicopter out of shot, with the cables edited out in post-production.

"No, none of it was fake, it was 100 percent real," Mr Neistat insists on his Youtube channel.

"But there was a lot to it."

Watch the video.