WATCH: Brad tricks Jim into confessing he used 1GB of company data to watch porn

Jim Cawthorn 19/09/2019

We've waited 3 YEARS to release this video.

Jim didn't want this video to see the light of day, but given he couldn't help but talk about it on his latest The Fuck Up Files podcast (which is available on rova, iTunes and everywhere else you get podcasts), we overruled him.

The back story: 

Back in 2016, Jim went on a work trip to Te Kuiti to be the on-the-ground reporter for The Morning Rumble. He was given a simple task: go to Te Kuiti, get in the plane with our winners, and live stream their "Mile High Club" promo.

As per, he found a way to fuck it up.

We gave him a 4G stick with 1GB of data to do the live stream - more than enough to do the job. But the next day, when it was go time, he had completely run out of data...

We were shocked. How? What possibly could he have used 1GB overnight, when he was only in his hotel room by himself? And then it clicked. Jim, you dirty little bastard.

Jim blamed everything else - the network, the coverage, and swore black and blue that he didn't do anything to cause it. But we had our suspicions.

So a few days later when he was back in Rock HQ, we faked up a 2 Degrees document saying it showed all the websites he had visited, and gave him a chance to come clean (so to speak).... which he did.

Got 'em. Watch the awkwardness above.

For more details on this yarn, give Jim's The Fuck Up Files podcast a listen. It's worth it.