Oamaru here's your Poo Towns of NZ track

Poo Towns 08/02/2019

Producer Jeremy is firing through towns in NZ like there is no tomorrow. 

Oamaru it's your turn - after a heap of feedback after we posted on Facebook Jeremy threw this belter together. It's got all sorts, your famous blood match, rainbow confectionery and those birds that shit everywhere.

If you've ever spent any time in this south island town, you'll appreciate this.

Scroll down for your lyrics aye. 

There’s a town – part of North Otago

If you want Rainbow confectionery,  it’s the place to go

There’s heaps of ginger c*nts, the most per capita

Fat Sally runs the town, she’s like the mafia


Penny Farthings riding through

In the town of Oamaru


The "Blood match" rugby game it happens annually

St Kevins taking on the boys from Waitaki

The lead up’s crazy, there’s graffiti and fights

Someone burnt the words “f you” into a lawn last night


Yeah the penguins are so blue

In the town of Oamaru

Limestone buildings are right through

In the town of Oamaru


There’s lots of old folk, and a moth ball kind of smell

There’s Buckley's Hill and Holmes Hill, and South Hill as well

 Richie McCaw was born in town one New Years Eve

Criterion Hotel’s so haunted people leave


The wharf’s covered in shag poo

In the town of Oamaru

The shag’s shit on the countdown too

In the town of Oamaru