Poo Towns of NZ - Waipukurau

Rock Drive 19/02/2019


A town the water treatment plant
Smells pretty ripe – like someone die-ie-ied
And there’s just one roundabout in town but
No one knows how, to drive around in


It’s a place for a good time
And the odd hate crime
Used to be a chip shop there called McTucky’s
It really pissed off - both of McDonald’s and KFC
Old people on scooters get mobility
And one taxi driver – but he got bust-ed for methamphetamine
Kids hanging at the Green Patch
And there’s a camp ground, but no one stays, how fucking weird is that
The Leopard Hotel’s where it’s at
If you want to take a Tinder date to meet you


Four thousand special people – they’re calling it home


People there are picking apples, and smoking a cone


Yes they’re having a good time
There’s a homeless guy you’ll find
With his balls out, you can see it all
Racing lawn mowers at the A & P Show
Home of "THE CHICKENMAN" - Stacey Giddens, don’t you know
There was a Wizard there a good few years ago
And the Rookery  - has the coffee – will probably make you explode
Gabe Severinsen won
Best overall car award at the car show two weeks ago
The Tukituki River flows
And the motel there it has a Duncan Heyde room
Oh why did I sing a Queen song it was really hard
If you wanna go to Hastings, it’s not very far
Yes they’re having a good time
But because of the high crime, you probably won’t stop at all