Poo Towns of NZ - Cambridge

Poo Towns 01/04/2019

Cambridge, this weeks Poo Towns of NZ is all about you! We've taken the best of the best from our Facebook post and Jeremy has thrown it into a song for you to enjoy. 

Lyrics below - 


It's full of horses and old people
There was a pub there called The Mudd
There's 2 bridges -- a high one and a low
Heaps of the people there are Dutch

It's called the town of trees
Pay when you do your wees
The high school got renamed Cannabis High

The whitest place in the Waikato
And if you fall behind at school
You can say, I'll pick up trash today
For credits for NCEA

The Grapevine facebook page
The cyclists get road rage
In Cambridge
Where Stirling Sports got ram raided 5 times

A guys galled Dennis made some cow love
Can I say that's allegedly?
There's a guy that walks round all the time
Wearing his Pikachu Onesie

The Prince Albert's a pub
In Cambridge
And rowers own half of 
And it says "water sports" on a road sign

The keyboard busking guy
In Cambridge
just hits "demo" all the time
In Cambridge
Leamington's classed as 'the other side'