Poo Towns of NZ - Papakura

Poo Towns 20/03/2019

Producer Jeremy is back at it again and this time he's slowed it right down for the people of Papakura.

Lyrics below if you want to invite a few mates around to sing about this glorious Poo Town -


There’s a guy there – we call him John

He walks around, just undies on

2 dollar shops and liquor stores sell to ya

Wait for the train and get a punch

At Two Jays you can get a munch

It’s always open down in Papakura

Papakura (Chorus)


Known as Kura and as KTown

There’s corn beef theft at the countdown

The Satay Noodle House brings Chinese to ya

The Pigeon Lady’s also known

As Ciggy Butt Jane, yeah don’t you know

The Crazy Cat Lady of Papakura

Papakura (Chorus)


Ezmeralda’s Chips have Garlic Sauce

Heavy presence from po-lice force

Friday Night Market food  that runs through ya

The Roadhouse Bar is now Stampede

Their big day in was legendary

The Winz carpark is huge in Papakura

Papakura (Chorus)