Poo Towns of NZ - Pukekohe

Poo Towns 12/03/2019

Producer Jeremy is back with another kick-ass Poo Towns tune this time it's for Pukekohe!


Lyrics below - 


The Hometown o-of , Doully and Jonah Lomu

And also where, uncle might be your Dad too

The race track ha-as, the fastest drift corner in the world

It’s not that great, at least it’s not Waiuku

You’re in Pukekohe – Pukekohe

Getting food at Danny’s Kiwi Bakery

You’re in Pukekohe – Pukekohe


Dark Side of town, it doesn’t have a lot of light

Smart Bar’s the place, if you want to get the clap tonight

When you walk home, from school you’ll get jumped by pit bulls

Volcanic soil, moist climate makes it horticultural


You’re in Pukekohe – Pukekohe

Smells like onions and a bit potatoey

You’re in Pukekohe – Pukekohe

PD workers serving the community