Ex-wife poisoned husband everyday of married life until he finally left her

Rock Drive 10/04/2019

Jay and Dunc wanted to know if anyone had major 'dodged-a-bullet' stories they wanted to share on-air. One bloke came through with an unbelievably grim one like it's straight out of a Netflix thriller.

Basically, he was married to his then wife who he reckons tried to poison him every single day of their married life. Apparently, there's a bottle filled with poison (which he did not know at the time it actually was) in their laundry area and his wife used to make him coffee every morning and chuck a few drops of the poison in his cup.

Dunc asked how he was able to prove it and said he woke up real early one morning and saw his wife make him his usual cup of morning coffee, but noticed that when she left the laundry room, she also was holding a dropper which was very odd...then he saw her chuck in a few drops of the poison into his mug.

He left the coffee and never drank it. He also left the house and never came back. 

Not good, not good at allll.