Jim and Producer Honeybone almost get murdered in Chicago

Rock Drive 18/04/2019

This is the story of how Jim and Producer Honeybone almost got murdered when they buggered off to America.

They were getting off the freeway when they spotted a pulled over car and a young bloke. The guy started shouting at them--wanting help to move his vehicle off the freeway so Jim and Producer Honeybone gave the bloke a hand.  

After pushing for ages, another dude came to help give the car a nudge but decided to leave them to it for some reason. Then it was back to Jim and Producer Honeybone doing all the pushing.

Long story short, they managed to finally move the car.

THEN! At an event, Jim and Producer Honeybone bumped into the dude who offered help to push the car but took off. They asked him why he left before they even managed to fully get the vehicle off the freeway and he answered:

There's something off about him. Did you not see the guns sticking out the guy's pocket? That was a 9mm. Guy's a gang member, did you not realise?

Welcome to Chicago, they said.