Mike McRoberts on wearing special undies for Dancing with the Stars

Rock Drive 08/04/2019

Jay and Dunc warmed up silver fox Mike McRoberts a.k.a. Magic Mike McRoberts with a question about his d*ck. Classic.

First question is, have you got a foreskin?

The boys also found out that young Mike McRoberts used to do drama and musicals in school and was in the first 15 of his school's rugby team as the center. He was detained for being in the wrong side of town when he went on assignment and covered the war in Lebanon.

Jay said all this info made him feel like he has accomplished nothing in his life. Dunc agreed and laughed it off with a follow up question about wearing tight spanks and special undies for Dancing with the Stars:

Is there some special dance undies that you have to wear for the the show?? 

Apparently, there is a special undie for dancing and it is - a tight once piece that basically has a underwear at the bottom.

Mate, you've got to do what you've got to do for charity.