Poo Towns of NZ - Foxton

Rock Drive 15/04/2019

Producer Jeremy is back with this belter for you, Foxton!

He claims this is the highest song he has ever done by far-- Jay suggested 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by The Darkness for next week's one. But for now, here is Poo Towns of NZ - Foxton in the tune of 'Roxanne' - The Police. 



Foxton - The Dutch Over Cafe is alright
next to the Windmill
And inside the New World's really tight
Foxton - The cinema is still in black and white
Fish and chip shop called Grumpy's
And the lights on the bridge are really bright
Foxton - Lot's of lovely people live there alright
Foxton - Colly Wah's has Chinese Food at night

Foxton - Repeat

The home of Russell Packer
The Wakeboard Park's a cracker
The mini gold course is always shut
It's like Shannon but it's got a beach
Where Foxton Fixx is made up
Cocktail if a flavour
Creaming sode is one as well
And they spell Kola with a 'K'

Foxton - Where Sasha Wilson's mum got lost one night
Foxton - no drag strip cos money was too tight