Jay and Dunc randomly pick Jim's next diet

Rock Drive 15/05/2019

Jim has been on the potato diet for a solid week now and he's had them in all ways possible: mashed, baked, boiled, roasted. So today, Jay and Dunc put him on the weighing scale to check his progress.

After 7 days, Jim went down from being 93.7KGs to 89.1.

Jay and Dunc suggested some new diets for Jim to take on so he could stay on the shredding game longer and lose a couple more before his surgery. So Dunc let Jay randomly pick Jim's new diet with a bunch of different diets on his computer screen. With his eyes closed, Jay points at the 'Military Diet'.

Jim hates it with a passion and reckons he could never do a military diet:

You're a dick! You put his finger on there! No. One meal is like half a banana, a yoghurt and some ice cream for dinner. I need meat!