Poo Towns of NZ - Motueka

Rock Drive 03/05/2019

...aaaaay Mo-tu-eka!

Here's your Poo Towns of NZ to the tune of Macarena.

How good is producer Jeremy to nail this one?!

Lyrics below so you can get involved at home -

Don’t turn right ‘cross the main road in summer
All the Freedom Campers are a bit of a bummer
Smoking Barrel – the best donuts
Scribe got arrested before he played a gig once

Simon Mannering comes from Motueka 
One of the locals is Dan Carter’s Nana 
Two Liquorlands and one Super Liquor
Hey Motueka

There’s a narrow bridge going into Motueka 
It is very narrow and it makes your anus pucker
In a Campervan, slow down you motherfucker
Hey Moteuka

There’s some hippies – and they have some good pot
Ironically the word Pot rhymes with Mot
Many hop plants - all around
In 2010 it was voted our best town

Madness Cheese is a part of Motueka
Campers always using free Wi-fi at Maccas
Dodgy Ref was good but the best tavern’s Riwaka
Hey Moteuka

Ben and Owen Franks they come from Motueka
Top Of The Town is serving fried chips and chicken
Heaps of fruit ice cream, from the fruit that they’re picking
Hey Motueka

Gothic Church was once a night club in town
Divided by shopping new world or countdown
Wreck of Janie Seddon is a shipwreck that’s rust brown
Hey Motueka