Jim finally gets a quiz right live on air

Rock Drive 06/05/2019

The Hairy Chainsaw a.k.a. Jim Cawthorn has a new segment slash game called 'You Couldn't Be More Slightly Wrong' where he is the only player and there is only one rule to follow: He needs to give slightly wrong answers to all of the questions. If he nails all of it, someone else gets thrown a prize!

He ripped through the questions so quick it's actually alarming how good he is at this. 

Here are some of them:

- Where does a strawberry display its seeds?  inside it
- Coachella music festival happens in which country? Australia
- What does AC/DC stand for? - An-ca-dor-cer
- How many wheels on a quad bike? 3
- Finish this nursery rhyme: incy wincy spider? went down the hill
- What noise does does a duck make? moo
- The month after May is? August
- A male cow is commonly referred to as what? cat