Poo Towns of NZ - Brisbane

Poo Towns 09/05/2019

In a Poo Towns of NZ first we've gone international!

Seeing as the NRL magic round is on in Brisbane this weekend, Jay thought we could branch out and hit a region in which 600,000 kiwis live.

More specifically, Brisbane.


Lyrics below - 


Oh I love to hang around in Brisbane

Home of two horse racing tracks

Pub crawls on City Cycles

Round all the pubs on the Southbank

Be careful on your toilet

You’ll get bitten by a snake

It’s not to be confused with Gisborne

Yeah Brisbane is great!


I love to have a drink in Brisbane

The Normanby or Royal Exchange

If you’re in the fortitude Valley

At 4am you’ll end up sideways

So many Mitsi Tritons

A river like a big brown snake

There’s 4 X Beers and Toll Roads

See Brisbane is great


I love to watch the league in Brisbane

The Broncos are their team

They used to be quite good but

They’re so bad Nikorima left the scene

There’s red necks and there’s goatees

Had Expo in 88

It’s the gateway to the Goldie

Yeah Brisbane is great




Oh I love to hang around in Brisbane

Even though it’s dark at 4pm

The chicks there are all beauties

It’s a pity when they wreck it with their harsh accent

There’s bogans in Logan City

And every pub there burns your steak

There’s more Kiwis than Aussie’s

That’s why Brisbane’s great


I love to get a feed in Brisbane

Though there’s no good bakeries

The pies are filled with gravy

Probably stick to McD’s or KFC

All the wildlife’s out to kill you

And everybody tailgates

Giant hail stones to write your car off

Yeah Brisbane is great!

Story Bridge to Kangaroo Point

Yeah Brisbane is great!