Poo Towns of NZ - Mount Maunganui

Poo Towns 20/05/2019

This weeks Poo Towns tracks was all about everyone's favorite mountain to walk up for no real reason Mount Maunganui.

If you've got any mates who live or spend time in the mount then make sure they see this belter.

Lyrics below -


What you got is near the city of Tauranga

Full of lots of people’s grandmas and grandfathers

Turf guy at the Bay Oval is Jared Carter

What a pity when the Rena sunk into the water


Walking up the Mount is good exercise for you

Then undo it all - a Copenhagen cone or two

Moturiki in English is Leisure Island

But for some reason it’s nickname it is Pleasure Island


On the beach a man has leather skin and speedos

You might also see some biting bugs and needles

It’s where  Aucklander’s all go when they retire

Tell my why the meth heads stole the rims from Cooper Tyres


Maunganui  Maunganui  Maunganui  Maunganui  Mount 

I can’t tell if I’m a boomer or a stoner


Population doubles over Christmas/New Years

Ladies wearing make up even in act-ive wear

Hard to park when there’s no parks around there

Views from the Mount you can see to everywhere 


Guy dressed as an Indian riding his horse

Year 2000 New Year trouble for Police force

Mount Maineys like an up and down race course

Mt Brewing  and Astros is good when you’re on the sauce


Bay All Day is a saying round this place

Many Man Buns and Beards on the face

The best thing on this side of the Kaimais

People leave their curtains open so you see their TV size


Maunganui  Maunganui  Maunganui  Maunganui  Mount 

I can’t tell if I’m a boomer or a stoner