Poo Towns of NZ - Napier

Poo Towns 28/05/2019

Jezza is back again! Know anyone from this glorious town?

Make sure they see this one..


Lyrics below -


It used to have drinking water that was really clean – but now it's just chlorine

When you’re on Marine Parade you can get a tasty Danish Ice Cream

They spent millions of dollars on a stupid pier, yeah but it goes nowhere

Closed Ahuriri Estuary – cos there’s human faeces backwashed everywhere


Napier! Napier!


Yeah, it's Art Deco, cos they had a rebuild after earthquakes that they had in 1931

And there’s 2 countdowns right next to each other, but don’t swim at the beaches cos they’re deadly as fuuuuuuckckck

Oh yeah there’s statues – Pania The Statue

They found her in a garage cause her bronze and topless self was just so sexy that - somebody stole her

So many vineyards, and Art Deco Weekend, the Mission Estate Concert when there’s no accommodation near…

Napier! Napier!


Historic Prison

And Marineland closed down – there were some problems with the mammals - now it’s a skate park


Maclean Park

Botanical Gardens

Coloured Fountain

And The Kiwi House

Historic Prison

Marineland closed down

Now it’s a Skate Park