Cheap wedding rings and healthy lifestyle chat with our resident GC - Ordinary Dr. Phil

Rock Drive 12/06/2019

One bloke came through the lines today with a dilemma.

Apparently his missus keeps bugging him to go on a trip to the Goldie this winter but he keeps coming up with excuses as to why they can't afford it yet. The real reason he keeps dodging: he is saving up for an engagement ring!

He asked Ordinary Dr. Phil how he could keep it on the hush and stop her from blowing up at him each time he tells her they can't afford it yet. Here's what Ordinary Dr. Phil had to say:

To be honest bro, with the winter that we're having at the moment, I'll just take the trip to the Gold Coast. Don't worry about that ring, brother.

Dunc also suggested getting a fakie instead but both Jay and Ordinary Dr. Phil reckon it's a sh*t idea because the missus would 100% find out when she tries to take it to the insurance company and have it looked at!