Dunc's old man's cracker conversation makes our Betoota news

Rock Drive 12/06/2019

Dunc and his old man returned some scaffolding over the weekend when they noticed the lady they were returning it to was of slightly ethnic origin.

Dunc's father tried to strike up convo with the woman and that's when everything went downhill.

He started off with an incorrectly pronounced greeting "Na-mesti" and started going off with funny questions that put the chick in an awkward position to answer like:

Whereabouts are you from, love? I don't suppose you know a guy called Manoj Singh? We stayed with him for two nights I'm sure he said he was from Bombay or something...you must have met him. 

She responded by telling him that India's a huge country.

At this point, Dunc was fully aware how awkward the convo had become so abruptly ended the chat and took off.