Jay's touching encounter with a ChCh victim's mother in Starship Hospital

Rock Drive 14/06/2019

Jay told Dunc about his encounter with one of the Christchurch shooting victim's mum in Starship Hospital.

He was in the hospital lift when he noticed the mum next to him was sobbing so he did the humane act of asking a stranger: 'Are you okay?' 

The mum said she wasn't so Jay asked her if she needed a hug to make her feel better. She broke down and told Jay the reason why she was at the hospital. She was visiting her young daughter who was one of the Christchurch mosque victims that got shot during the terrible attack.

Today, Jay told Dunc:

It just goes to show, no matter how shitty your day is, nothing compares to having to visit your loved ones in a place like Starship. A tip of the hat to every single person that volunteers, to all of the nurses, to all of the doctors in those places across New Zealand. You have every single ounce of respect that I have to give.

Well said mate, very well said.