Poo towns of NZ - Nelson

Rock Drive 11/06/2019

Another week passes and another Poo Towns of NZ to present to the nation. Know anyone from Nelson? This one is for them.


Here you go, Nelson. Enjoy.


It’s right in the centre of the country
you can swim at Girly’s Hole
There’s a lot of sea, but there’s no surf
and a guy married his goat
Buxton Carpark’s where boy racers meet
Pics peanut butter’s the best
People used to buy the Shell Stoke Lighters
and then they’d scrape off the S

Nelson – Nelson – You’re in Nelson
When you’re a teenager you get drunk in Queen’s Garden
Nelson – Nelson – You’re in Nelson
Fins up it’s the Mako’s home

In the Maitai River the people swim
Even though it’s quite dirty
8 bucks for a dozen Tasman Bitter
And a real good KFC
Built a new stand at Trafalgar Park
Right in front of the old one
No they didn’t knock the old one down
But it gets a lot of sun

Nelson – Nelson – You’re in Nelson
Whale’s strand at Farewell Spit and man they weigh a tonne
Nelson – Nelson – Port Hills of Nelson
There’s a place called Paddy’s Knob

Nelson – Nelson – You’re in Nelson
To find a bar Bridge St is the street you walk along
Nelson – Nelson – You’re In Nelson
It’s where racism is strong
50k population
Saturday Market is on
There’s lots of people smoking bongs