Well trained doggo helps security guard owner sleep on the job and not get busted

Rock Drive 26/06/2019

A security guard came through the phone lines today and told Dunc and Mike about how he has successfully trained his doggo to wake him up from his slumber when there's someone around so he would not get caught. (Caller has been named Mr. X for privacy):

I was doing security at nights in the far north. I park up for a little while, you keep an eye out on the main street but you park so far away up the road that no one could see you. Get the rottweiler out from the back, put him on the front seat and make him watch the road. He'll just sit there all night and I'll just go to sleep. If he sees anything he'll just go 'WOOF!' and let me know and I'll wake up.

Mr. X said his doggo's saved him a couple times before.

Super subtle mate...