Poo Towns of NZ - Porirua

Rock Drive 12/07/2019

Get this in your ear holes, Porirua.


There’s a pirate ship mini golf course – and it smells like pee
Even though they had our first McD’s, the whole town loves KFC
If you want to take a scenic walk, there’s Colonial Knob Walkway
Peter Jackson was born locally – in Pukerua Bay

Take me to a place called Porirua
Take me to the suburbs Elsdon and Ranui Heights

Whitby’s nickname is Shitby – sometimes Richby and Whiteby
Whittaker’s are making chocolate there, Jerry Collins RIP
Potholes take two years to fix, Police getting trained in town
Flotilla Place you’ll get a note, your stink car brings house prices down

Take me to a place called Porirua
Where the Whitby Facebook Page nosey neighbours post each night

Take me to Porirua
Titahi Bay’s
Take me to Porirua
Michael Campbell
Take me to Porirua
But not the Eastside
Take me to Porirua