If you live in NZ, Dunc wants to offer you free luncheon!

Rock Drive 15/08/2019

Jay and Dunc were chatting about all the hypothetical things they plan to do if they were hypothetically to run the country for an entire day: 

Here's what they've come up with:

- give free luncheon to everyone living in NZ
- impose a 4-day working week so everyone gets a 3-day weekend
- If you get drunk driving for the fourth time, you get shipped to the middle of the Australian outback
- death penalty if you put anything back in the fridge or cupboard that is empty and you knowingly put it back
- you will spend a night in jail if you leave less than 4 square of toilet paper roll
- you will be allowed to hassle fat people the same way you can hassle people punching durries
- kindness will be rewarded financially 

Not beeeeed.