Poo Towns of NZ - Upper Hutt

Rock Drive 02/08/2019

Here's Poo Towns of NZ - Upper Hutt by Producer Jeremy in the tune of 50 Cent's 'In Da Club'.


They got a - real good Speedway
43 degrees in a heatwave
The Glass House, on a Sunday
8am beers - even though it’s Sunday!

You can find me in the Hutt
Got a lot of pubs
Biggest Prison in New Zealand, it is in the Rimutak’s
Trentham Park’s the place where they run The Welly Cup
Even Pizza Hutt is shut, cos it’s sick of Upper Hutt

The Mall is called The Mall that’s original as fuck
And someone down in Trentham used to give the horses love
Cinema is never clean, full of popcorn and some nuts
Corey Jane’s the only All Black that has come from Upper Hutt

PJ’s in the Pak n Save, like they just woke up
Upper Hutt’s so hot in summer you just walk round in your gruts
Steam rollers and Boy racers it’s a no contest
Harcourt Park Streaker yeah he was a real sex pest
Trentham Army Camp that is where they train the team
There was a Friday Teen night at H20 Xtream!
Put a big d at the end of the Riverstone sign
No cops at the cop shop anytime

Find me in The Hutt
Once had a free bus
Hasn’t changed in 20 years, kind of like the place is stuck
Upper Hutt Posse (guess what) come from Upper Hutt
Brewtown and Boneface sound like they’re really good pubs

Find me in The Hutt
Plateau primary has a nudist camp next door if you wanna see some butts
Fish and Chip Friday at Brown Owl School was skux
Say “I’m off to Wellington”, when you visit Upper Hutt

Maidstone Park – where the kids play
Parents leaving them there for the day
The best parties – in the 90’s
And lots of people selling things that are class A