Poo Towns of NZ - Timaru

Rock Drive 29/11/2019

With Producer Jeremy away this week Producer Jack thought he'd take a crack at Poo Towns of NZ. 

And Timaru... You're up



Use to have plenty of bars

down the main street but now they’re gone 

They shut down 

In Timaru 


Drag strips at the traffic lights 

Folks bang in the carpark and it’s alright

No one cares 

In Timaru


Life in Timaruuuu 

Great place to stop and use the Loo

And that racehorse

Phar lap was born here too 


It’s where people go to escape that cult 

Now that they’re out they’re probably not that stoked

It’s so great in Timaruuuu


The sailing anchor has a sticky floor 

Great custard squares but not much more 

Acid Frank 

In Timaruuu


Guy drove in a carwash and it fell down 

Is it a city or is it a town?

Who cares

It’s Timaruuuu 


Dive in Timaruuu 

There’s not enough water in the pool

And there’s a brewery 

And Chlamydia too


Bloke on his scooter can’t be caught by the cops 

He was on the run and couldn’t be stopped 

On the run 

In Timaruuu


It’s a shithooooooooole 

It’s a shithooooooooole 

It’s a shithooooooooole 


Life in Timaruuuu

Feel touch and taste is what they’ll say to you 

Carparks everywhere 

Down in Timaru