The COVID-19 Beard Olympics

Rock Drive 30/03/2020

Seeing as the country is locked away for a while, Dunc thought it would be a great idea to launch the COVID-19 Beard Olympics.

Super simple - as early into the isolation as you can shave whatever facial hair you may be rocking right off, best effort by the time the country gets the green light wins.

Cheers to Handsome Skincare the COVID-19 Beard Olympics winner will take home not only the gold medal, but a prize pack with over $200 of men's skincare products, and some Rock merch! Plus you could score a prize from Handsome Skincare just for giving it your best crack.

To get involved head to The Rock Drive facebook page - find the pinned post and chuck your day 1 shaved photo in the comments, and once it's all done reply to yourself with your progress.

Check out some of the GC's who have entered below.

We're on air everyday still from 3, make sure you're looking after yourselves aye 🤙