Poo Towns - West Auckland

Rock Drive 07/05/2019

This one is for all you Westies! Another ripper from producer Jeremy.


Lyrics - 


When you’re walking ‘round Massey, there’s a sweet smokey haze

Driving down Lincoln Rd, there’s so many takeaways

Lincoln Rd is long

Right through the middle of Henderson


Someone hit my car and drove off - 3am the other day

Ranui is not the safest place to let your children play

If you want to see black clothes and V8s and bikes there’s no better place


Then in Auckland’s West

See a lady with a tattooed breast

And the traffic is terrible

Even though they made that big tunnel

Not that it’s a bad thing

But there’s just so many immigrants

And at Henderson Park

You can play Frisbee Golf if you like it


Some guy went out on a date with a lady

Had a Butter Chicken and it was dodgy

He pooed his pants when they were in the taxi

She never called him back understandably


Auckland’s West

So many people under house arrest

Yes there’s shoes hanging on traffic lines

And so many people with mullets

If you’re West of New Lynn

You can’t buy grog at the supermarket

See your life played out on

Outrageous Fortune on your TV set


Auckland’s West