Poo Towns of NZ - Dargaville

Rock Drive 03/05/2019

#3 and it's all for you Dargaville!

Lyrics -

theres a nice Four Square and sadly thats it

Some people call it the North Islands armpit

Best thing about it is the road out of town

But the roads are so bad you keep bumping up and down

Dargaville a

A Northland town

Theres lots of kumara and the rivers so brown

The river looks like its upside down

Nicknamed Darga-hole

Theres a big river

Not a big future

Like 1983 but with some cell phones

And the internet runs really really slow

In Darga-hole ay ay ay ay ay

Theres two great Thai food places on the main street

And theres a skateboard park that is pretty neat

The Transfer station is run by Dirty Dave

And at the Bowling Club theres a New Years rave

In Dargaville a

Town with wide streets

And its not far from the great Baylys Beach

But not many in town, have all of their teeth

No most have one

In Dargaville a

Place to score tinnies

Great place to find them is the local campground

And Im not sure which one, but not many around

In Darga-hole ay ay