Poo Towns of NZ - Rangiora

Rock Drive 05/05/2019

We're adding another one of the OG Poo Towns of NZ tracks back on the internet!

This ones for you Rangiora!


Lyrics - 


The traffic lights had a public opening Bogans with dreadlocks whose tyres are smoking

The Rangiora Borough School’s called RBS And goon is the wine that they love the best


Rangiora – It’s nickname is Rangoon – It’s Rangoon

Rangiora – get stuck there and you’re doomed – No one’s immune


They’ve got the most bottle shops per person Billy Mavs and Woodstock is their favourite bourbon

Art room at the high school is where they’re hot boxing

The guys have to be careful what they stick their cocks in


Rangiora – It’s nickname is Rangoon – It’s Rangoon

Rangiora – you can’t get out too soon – from that commune


The Ingham Twins and Todd Blackadder

And everybody drinking wine from a bladder

Drum and bass remixes of Metallica

Spray paint primer from The Warehouse to paint your car


Rangiora - Colin riding along, nicknamed Two Dogs

Rangiora - Skinheads and sparkler bombs, and Bucky Bongs