Poo Towns - Shannon

Rock Drive 10/05/2019

It's your very own #PooTowns track Shannon!

Lyrics -


Oh there’s a town in Horowhenua

Or is it Manawatu?

Looks like no one’s claiming you

This town shares a name with a girl that’s true

You can shop at 4 Square too

Or keep driving through

Cos there’s not much else to do


State Highway 5-7’s concrete

And there aren’t many cops on the beat

There’s used condoms on the street

Here in Shannon


Owl-catraz is a bird sanctuary

And it never gets to dark to see

There’s hydroelectricity

That’s near Shannon


Pre-2011 you had a drink

At The Albion Hotel

But then it burnt down and fell

Your neighbours won’t care if you make some noise

Heard a death metal band play

In someone’s garage

Till 4am the other day


The population isn’t great

It’s about fifteen hundred and eight

It’s not a great place for a date

Here in Shannon

But the fishing and swimming’s okay

And the local’s all have right of way

You might mean two things when you say

I’m in Shannon