Poo Towns - Greymouth

Rock Drive 14/05/2019

Here you go Greymouth!


Lyrics - 


There’s a town that’s down south

And it’s name ends with “Mouth”

Chicken place in town, it got closed down for maggots once

Houses are super cheap

And if you go on Trade Me

You can find a 3 bedroom house for 45 thousand bucks


Greymouth, Greymouth - It’s a big West Coast town

Greymouth, Greymouth - Where some incest goes down

Best place to shop is - At the Greymouth Warehouse



Now there’s buildings closed down

All the way around town

Cos they can’t afford to earthquake proof the buildings there

The boy racers do laps

But the laps kind of crap

Cos it’s basically a 1 k drive around two roundabouts


Greymouth, Greymouth - Sewage in the river

Greymouth, Greymouth - But there’s still some swimmers

Quite nice sunsets - From the McLean Domain

They closed the Revingtons


Closed The Revingtons Hotel

A hotel that used to smell

There were pubes on the pillow case

Cockroaches on your face

And the Queen she once stayed there

In Greymouth – yeah