Poo Towns - Marton

Rock Drive 13/05/2019

Here you go Marton!

Lyrics - 


In this town where

Everybody knows

It’s an odd thing

If you have 10 toes

4 Bakeries and 1 Countdown

In a 30 metre radius of Mar-town


Martians come from here

Making hops for beer

Duddings Lake not a real lake but we don’t care

Hand shandies out the back of the Night n Day

Seven dollars cash

What a bargain – that’s all you’ll to pay


Tux factory they’re making dog biscuits

Pity that the town smells just like food for pets

Lots of scarecrows

Lots of drongos

Lots of exits

No one knows where they go


Living in Marton



Dairy where you go

For the very best chicken and chips you know

They got fried food

That you’d die for

Find a hair in it?

Still go back for more

Rugby team there called the Steamers

Not many people driving round in Beamers

College of the name of Rangitikei

Wagging as a subject is a specialty

And although Marton is kind of average

The Community Garden provides free fruit and veg

Built a bypass

To go round it

It’s an accident, if you’ve found it


Living in Marton