Poo Towns - Blenheim

Rock Drive 15/05/2019

Here you go Blenheim!


Lyrics - 

There’s a 300k bus shelter

It’s not the best cos there’s a hole in the roof

And there’s a heap of roundabouts round town

The weirdest one it has some train tracks running through


You might just see an awesome guy on a scooter

He’s at the Renwick club, his name is Dang’rous Dave

And in this town there’s only one night club

Shortie’s the bouncer and it’s called Goats Don’t Shave


There’s more carparks than cars around here

That’s a slice of Blenhiem

Main St of it is called Main St there

That’s a slice of Blenhiem


Some say that Beavertown’s the town nickname

It’s only because the region is prone to floods

The cougars love it at the Food and Wine Fest

So if you’re young and male, watch out for your buds


There’s a bridge when you’re on the way to Picton

It’s so small and the trucks break their side mirrors off

And just be careful when you’re cruising round town

You might get pulled over by Mufti Mo the cop


There’s Sunshine, wine, and blue cod fishing

That’s a slice of Blenheim

It’s a Boomtown with no boom in it

That’s a slice of Blenheim


And Duncan Heyde worked there in Blenheim

That’s a slice of Blenheim

At More FM playing One Direction

That’s a Slice Of Blenheim